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new program design

A typical project will span 30-90 days and will include on site as well as off site activities. Our expert will perform the site visit to conduct a survey and interview with major stakeholders. A set of hospital data will be analyzed to estimate what impact a hospitalist program will have on the financial and other outcomes. We are able to help you at all stages of program planning and development starting from the initial concept and feasibility study to the final stages of contracting and recruitment advice. We will help you design a relevant incentive structure that will align the hospitalist program with the needs and goals of the institution through incentives and at the same time promote physician satisfaction and retention. After the initial program design is complete we are able to offer long term follow up arrangements including retainers for up to 12 months. To help you take you program off the ground we can even help you securing physician coverage while your recruiting efforts are under way. This type of arrangement is prefered by our clients over hiring a regular locums agency since we personally train all our providers to execute on your vision of the program guarantee the quality of care provided.