At Hospital Medicine Advisors, LLC out experts are able to provide full spectrum of on site and off site consulting services. Our practice is focused on the development and improvement of hospitalists programs. We will design custom solutions or review the performance of your existing programs and outline the pathway to improved performance.   


program SETUP

Your hospital made a decision to develop a new hospitalist service. Now you are trying to decide which option is right for you. You may choose to outsource your program to one of the many national management companies, hire a local private hospitalist group or develop the in-house solution. Each individual situation is unique. Our expert will help you choose the best approach for your organisation


program improvement

Your hospitalist program is underperforming. The physicians are unhappy, turnover is high and you are having difficulty hiring. It is hard for you to focus on developing new projects and improving existing services because all you are trying to do is to keep the ship from sinking. We can help you develop the solution and give you necessary tools to succeed. 


specialty services

Working with us is a group of highly qualified experts and industry leaders in many specialty fields, including Critical Care, Orthopedics, surgical specialties, Care management, Information technology and communication as well as billing and coding experts. All these experts are available to work on your project remotely and on site to deliver maximum results.